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O-Create & Deliver Online Zoom Courses

with BoomerTech Adventures For Info Call 207-866-4119

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This course is designed for those who want to develop an online course using Zoom, a video conferencing  platform. This guide consists of step-by-step videos that explain and  demonstrate how to use Zoom as well as appropriate instructional tips to build  an engaging online course in any subject. You will learn everything you need to  know about Zoom—tools, settings, security, instructional strategies, building  community, Zoom tips for instructors and students, and much more.

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O-Introduction to Mac Basics

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Introduction to Mac Basics 

In this course you will learn everything you need to know to make your Mac computer (laptop or desktop) hum! Areas of focus include: Mac Operating System, features of the Mac, choosing the best browser, using Spotlight Search, learning how to use the Finder and App  Store, understanding the keyboard, and learning the icons that define a Mac computer

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Orono – Acrylic Pour Painting Class with Intuitive Messages

with Angie Butler Welch


December 5th, 2023

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Acrylic Pour Painting Class with Intuitive Messages. 

Ready to let your guides talk to you through art? Angie will take you step by step through a fun paint pouring process to create an amazing 8 x 10 canvased  piece of art... and THEN we'll look for messages within your paintings! (a form of scrying). You'll be amazed at what presents itself in your painting. You'll pick your colors, and your painting guides will help create your masterpiece! All supplies will be included (even a disposable pan to carry your painting home on). 1 ½  hour class.  All supplies are included, plus a brief message about what we see in the painting. 

Instructor: Angie Welch

Date: Tues -December 5 6-7:30pm

Cost: $30 per student.

Limit 20 students (Minimum 6 to hold the class)

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O-Introduction to iPhone Basics

with BoomerTech Adventures For Info Call 207-866-4119

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Introduction to iPhone Basics

Introduction to iPhone Basics — The vast majority of iPhone users rarely access all of the available iPhone features. In this course, learn to use your iPhone to the best possible advantage. Some critical features covered include Apple ID and password; structure of the iPhone (buttons and how they work); best apps to have and how to get them; how to text, phone, FaceTime, and email; how to use the Control Center; mastering Settings; updating operating systems; using key apps; and more. An additional session will include iOS 15 updates and the unique features of the newest iPhones (iPhone 12 & 13).

Cost: $30

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O-Buoy Painting Class – One Night

with Obrianna Cornelius

$17 More Info

Buoy Painting Class - One Night

This one time paint and sip style class is intended for people who want a fun and creative evening. The instructor is fun and easy to follow as she teaches you through creating your own painting. Join alone or invite a friend, this is a perfect environment to flex your artistic muscles and have fun! This will be an acrylic painting of some colorful buoys hanging to dry. Feel free to improvise and choose your own colors while the teacher explains the method! So grab your coffee and settle in for a fun evening!

Instructor: Obrianna Cornelius

Date: Wednesday, December 6   6-8pm 

Cost: $17 Materials fee: $15 - to be paid to the instructor directly the night of class (cash or check only)

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O-Audition Preparation

with Irene Dennis

$50 More Info

Audition Preparation

If you are interested in auditioning for theater at any level, whether for high school, college, community or professional, you want to present yourself and your abilities in the best light! This course will provide you with insights on how to 1) prepare for cold readings, 2) choose and prepare monologues (and songs, if auditioning for a musical), and even 3) what to wear on the big day. We will also discuss how to prepare an effective video audition reel for online submission.  Some stage experience is recommended, but not necessary.

Instructor: Irene Dennis

Dates: December 5, 12, 19, 3 sessions Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm

Cost: $50