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Orono – Holocaust History

with Mathy Terril US Holocaust Memorial Museum Teaching Fellow


March 8th, 2023

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Holocaust History - 4 weeks 

This four hour /4 night course will begin with a history of  the Holocaust including a brief history of the Jewish  Religion, its persecution and the progression of the Nazi  Ideology throughout Europe. We will then make the  connection with the exploration of different ethical, legal,  and moral issues related to the Holocaust. We will also  explore modern day genocides in places like Rwanda,  Darfur, and Bosnia. Other examples of genocide will also  be discussed, for example, the Armenian Genocide in the  early 1900s - which the United States just designated as a  genocide. To tackle these difficult topics, we will be using  first hand accounts from victims and survivors through the  use of letters, diary excerpts, and testimony from survivors. There is no text book for this class - but you will receive  information from me, the internet, and materials that I  handout! 

Instructor: Mathy Terrill-US Holocaust Memorial Museum Teaching Fellow 

Date: Wednesdays,  March - 8th, 15th, 22nd, and the 29th.      6:30-7:30 PM                        

Cost: $32