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O – Create Magical Jewelry!

with Angie Butler Welch


December 19th, 2023

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Create Magical Jewelry! 

Most of us wear jewelry on a daily basis.  So why not wear jewelry with intention and purpose?  Did you know amethyst will help you to feel happy, protected and spiritually connected?  Or that citrine will actually attract money to you?  Or that tigers eye can give you that extra boost of courage when you need it?  We’ll discuss the natural properties of some of the more common crystals and stones and then make a bracelet, earrings or even a suncatcher, with magical properties. Make one item to take home.   

Instructor: Angie Welch

Date: Tues - Dec 19  6-7:30pm (1 ½ - 2 hour class, based on class size)

Cost: $30 per student.  Supplies included (real gemstones) 

Limit 20 students (Minimum 6 to hold the class)