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O-Taking Awesome Pictures With Your iPhone/iPad Camera

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Taking Awesome Pictures With Your iPhone/iPad Camera  

This is a step-by-step guide to taking beautiful photos, appropriate fornovice photographers and anyone who wants to significantly upgrade theirphotography skills. Students will learn to take photos, portraits, slo-motion,panos, and more. Also students will learn about camera settings for properfocus and exposure, High Dynamic Range, and picture composition.

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Fantastic Photo Finishes—Organize & Edit Images with Your iPhone/iPad Photos App 

Most of us take hundreds of photos that languish on ouriPhone/iPad or in the cloud. Knowing how to edit images and organize your photos on your iPhone and iPad is essential. Other areas of study include using the tabs in the Photos app —“For You" tab (ready-made slide shows), creating, using, and sharing albums, and the very useful search function.

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O-Take Fabulous Photos of the Flora and Fauna in Your World

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Take Fabulous Photos of the Flora and Fauna in Your World

This courseshows you how to take beautiful photos of flowers, plants, and wildlife. Four easy-to-follow videos demonstrate and give examples of each of the topics which include: Using focus, exposure and HDR features to capture the beauty of your surroundings; ways to avoid blurry images; tips for composing your images; and editing options that turn so-so images into stunning images. In an addition to the instructional videos, we have several articles with useful information to build your repertoire of photographic strategies. This course is made for you if you want to learn to use your camera or significantly upgrade your skills and abilities.