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Orono – Breath-Taking at Night – Virtual

with Carole Freeman B.S. RRT, Respiratory Therapist & Breathing Specialist Call 866-4119 for More Information

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Breath-Taking at Night

The #1 reason why so many people feel sick and tired is because of a Sleep/Breathing Dysfunction. This class teaches you how to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, stop snoring and wake up feeling rested. We all know that you can’t possibly have your highest brain power, do your best performance and function at your highest level when you are chronically fatigued and drained from lack of deep restful sleep. You’d be shocked at how many health disorders are related to, if not caused by, faulty breathing during sleep. While many people feel there’s nothing they can do about snoring or waking frequently at night, they’d be just as surprised to know there’s more you can do about it than you think

Cost: $37


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Orono-Introduction to iPhone Basics Online

with BoomerTech Adventures Self-Paced Online

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Introduction to iPhone Basics 

It is safe to say that the vast majority of iPhone users rarely use more than a fraction of the features available to them. In this course, you will learn to use your iPhone to the best possible advantage. Here are some of the critical features we'll cover: Apple ID and password; structure of the iPhone (buttons and how they work); best apps to have and howto get them; how to text, phone, FaceTime, and email; how to use the ControlCenter; mastering Settings; updating operating systems; using key apps; understanding the apps that come with your iPhone and more.

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Orono-Digital Tools for the Beginning Memoir Writer Online

with BoomerTech Adventures Self-Paced Online

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Digital Tools for the Beginning Memoir Writer 

Everyone has a story to tell. Writing your memoir helps you reflect on the varied experiences that impacted your life and helped shape who you are today. This course looks at a variety of digital tools, available through any digital device, that make the process of memoir writing more fun and a little less daunting. You will explore several unique approaches to research, learn strategies for gathering and storing materials in one easily accessible place, and delve into ways to illustrate your memoir even if you are not an artist. Polishing your work for publication and presenting it in a public format are other video topics. You will leave the course well equipped to begin your writing adventure.

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Orono – Is Beekeeping for me? Virtual

with Peter Cowin


April 17th, 2023

$20 More Info

Is Beekeeping for me? Virtual

Peter Cowin, aka, the Bee Whisperer. 

Have you thought about keeping bees? This 1.5 hour online class covers the basics behind keeping bees, husbandry, equipment, costs, time involved, and what space is required. Beekeeping is a wonderful hobby and after this class you will know if it is something you want to pursue.

Date: Monday, April 17     6-730pm

Cost: $20

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Orono – Breathing 101, Breath-Taking Basics what if you are breathing all wrong?

with Carole Freeman B.S. RRT, Respiratory Therapist & Breathing Specialist Call 866-4119 for More Information

$37 More Info

Breathing 101 - Breath-Taking Basics - What if you are breathing all wrong?

Most adults use Dysfunctional Breathing most of the time. Everyone knows how to breathe, and we know that if you stop breathing, you die. But, if you never learn how to breathe well, you go on to become sick and tired. In this class, you will learn how to optimize your breathing to combat the downward spiral of stress, improve energy and stamina, reduce, or eliminate shortness of breath, and breathe to sleep more comfortably. You breathe every moment you’re alive, learning to breathe well becomes one of the most essential factors in feeling your best and doing your best every day.

Cost: $37

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Orono – Hatha Yoga – Virtual

with Michelle Spencer


March 7th, 2023

$62 More Info

Hatha Yoga - 6-weeks following the school system - Virtual

This 60-minute Yoga class will provide sequences that calms the nervous system along with stretching/warming the muscles and preparing the mind to rest. Breathing techniques, short meditation and positive affirmations will end the practice.

Instructor: Michelle Spencer

Dates: Tuesdays:  

January 17 - February 28  (no class February 21)  5:30-6:30 pm  Cost: $62

March 7 - April 11   5:30-6:30 pm  Cost: $62

April 25 - May 30    5:30-6:30 pm  Cost: $62