Walking Club - Hampden Academy 

Too cold, dark and slippery outside to walk? Join our indoor walking club. Please change out of your boots into a good pair of walking shoes. Stay on the ground level or challenge yourself by walking between the first and second floors. This is an independent program with no instruction provided. Tues, Weds, and Thurs October 17- Jan. 30         6 - 8 pm No Walking Nov. 9, 22, 23 & Dec. 26, 27, & 28

Course fee: $8


Class has begun
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Hampden – Common Pet Emergencies and Toxicities

with Dr. Ai Takeuchi


December 5th, 2023

$10 More Info

Common Pet Emergencies and Toxicities - Hampden Academy

Ai Takeuchi, VMD, Co-Medical Director for Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary Clinic

This lecture will go over the most common pet emergencies and toxin exposures. Identifying an emergency situation and toxin exposure can be the difference between life and death or a long hospitalization. Both feline and canine emergencies and toxicities will be reviewed. Toxins will include common plants, human medications/drugs, foods, and common chemicals seen in the ER. 

Tuesday, December 5              6 - 7 pm

Course fee: $10


Hampden – Tai Chi Session 2 – Hermon Covey Physical Therapy

with Dr. Marina Moscone, DPT


December 5th, 2023 to January 9th, 2024

$150 More Info

Tai Chi Session 2 - Hermon Covey Physical Therapy

Dr. Marina Moscone, DPT

Tai chi is a series of gentle physical exercises and stretches. Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion. Tai chi is sometimes described as meditation in motion because it promotes serenity through gentle movements — connecting the mind and body. As we age or recover from an injury our ability to allow enough movement to balance becomes altered. Come learn balance and flexibility. Avoid re-injury! All classes are taught by therapists and they can easily provide modifications if needed. Classes held at Hermon Covey Physical Therapy - 2263 RT. 2, Hermon, ME.  Six classes per session. Please indicate which session you would like to register for. To be considered registered, class fee must be paid in full.

Session 2:  Tuesdays 12/5/23 - 1/9/24                  6 - 6:45 pm


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Orono – Acrylic Pour Painting Class with Intuitive Messages

with Angie Butler Welch


December 5th, 2023

$30 More Info

Acrylic Pour Painting Class with Intuitive Messages. 

Ready to let your guides talk to you through art? Angie will take you step by step through a fun paint pouring process to create an amazing 8 x 10 canvased  piece of art... and THEN we'll look for messages within your paintings! (a form of scrying). You'll be amazed at what presents itself in your painting. You'll pick your colors, and your painting guides will help create your masterpiece! All supplies will be included (even a disposable pan to carry your painting home on). 1 ½  hour class.  All supplies are included, plus a brief message about what we see in the painting. 

Instructor: Angie Welch

Date: Tues -December 5 6-7:30pm

Cost: $30 per student.

Limit 20 students (Minimum 6 to hold the class)

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O-Holocaust History – 6 weeks

with Mathy Terril US Holocaust Memorial Museum Teaching Fellow


December 6th, 2023

$32 More Info

Holocaust History - 6 weeks 

This 6 hour /6 night course will begin with a history of  the Holocaust including a brief history of the Jewish  Religion, its persecution and the progression of the Nazi  Ideology throughout Europe. We will then make the  connection with the exploration of different ethical, legal,  and moral issues related to the Holocaust. We will also  explore modern day genocides in places like Rwanda,  Darfur, and Bosnia. Other examples of genocide will also  be discussed, for example, the Armenian Genocide in the  early 1900s - which the United States just designated as a  genocide. To tackle these difficult topics, we will be using  first hand accounts from victims and survivors through the  use of letters, diary excerpts, and testimony from survivors. There is no text book for this class - but you will receive  information from me, the internet, and materials that I  handout! 

Instructor: Mathy Terrill-US Holocaust Memorial Museum Teaching Fellow 

Date: Wednesdays, Starts  Dec. 6, 13, 20, Jan. 3 , 10 & 17   6 -7PM                        

Cost: $32 

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O-Successful Scholarship Searches and Applications – ZOOM

with Nikki Vachon, College Access Counselor at FAME


December 6th, 2023

Successful Scholarship Searches and Applications -  ZOOM

Scholarships can go a long way in helping students cover college costs, but being successful in the scholarship application process can take some work. In this session you’ll learn to build and work on your own scholarship application plan. You’ll also learn about and try out different scholarship websites, learn how to best use a scholarship information tracker, and learn to avoid some of the challenges of the scholarship process.  Students and parents interested in learning about the scholarship process can join Nikki Vachon, College Access Counselor with the Finance Authority of Maine for this 1 hour workshop as we talk about scholarships.    

Instructor: Nikki Vachon - Nikki Vachon, College Access Counselor at FAME  

Wednesday, December 6, 6pm-7pm

Cost $5